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Flag Display Guide

Displaying the Flag at Half Mast: When you need to display the American flag at half mast, you actually need to hoist it completely to the peak of the pole and then instantly lower it to the half staff position. At the close of the day, the flag should again be raised to the peak of the flag pole and then lowered completely. If you are flying multiple flags, when the US flag is at half mast, ensure that the US Flags is at the mid point of the pole and the other flag is flying below.
Displaying Multiple Flags: The general order of importance for the display of multiple flags calls for National flags to be displayed first, then State flags, then Territory flags and finally Military flags.
  • National flags should be put in alphabetical order with the US Flag first.
  • State flags should be displayed with the “host” state first and the other states in order of their admission into the Union.
  • Military flags should be displayed in their order of establishment which means: Army Flags, Marine Corps Flags, Navy Flags, Air Force Flags, Coast Guard Flags and then other groups.
From the Same Flag Pole: If you are flying multiple flags from the same flagpole and your display includes the US Flag, the US flag should always be at the topmost position.
From Multiple Adjacent Flagpoles: If you are flying multiple flags from different flagpoles that are adjacent, the USA flag should always be raised first and lowered from the flagpole last. If you have adjacent flagpoles, you should ensure that no flag is flying to the right of the USA flag.
From a Circle or Grouping of Flagpoles: The US flag should be placed in the center and at the highest point of all of the flags being flown.
Displaying a Flag from a Home: If you are hanging a flag from your home or porch, at the edge of the sidewalk then the flag should be raised, stars (or Union) first from the building so that the Union is flying at the peak of the flagpole. American flag display from a flagpole projecting horizontally or at an angle from your window sill, balcony, or the front of a home or building dictates that the stars of the flag or union of the flag should be positioned at the peak of the staff.
Using a Flag to Cover a Casket: If you are using the American flag to cover a casket, the stars of the flag, or the Union, should be placed at the head and over the left shoulder. The flag should be removed prior to burial and should never touch the ground.
Flag Display, Not from a Flagpole: If you need to display the flag and it is not to be displayed on a flagpole, it should be displayed flat. The stars of the flag, or the Union, should always appear to the viewer to be at the top left. If you want to display the flag in a window, these rules still apply. If you are decorating with banners, festoons, fans or rosettes you can use red, white and blue bunting but never the actual USA flag.
Displaying the Flag in a Parade or March: If you are carrying a parade flag in or carrying a flag in a march, the US Flag should be marching on the right side (the flag’s own right) or if you have a line of flags, it should lead the procession in the front of the center.
Displaying Flags from Multiple Nations: If you are flying the flags of two or more countries or nations, they should be flown from separate flagpoles at the same height. They should be of equal size and in times of peace it is forbidden to fly the flag of one country above that of another.
Displaying a Flag in an Auditorium of Church: If you are creating a flag display for the American flag in a public location like a church or an auditorium, it should be placed in a prominent location in the front of the church or auditorium and in front of the audience. It should appear to be in a place of prominence and respect and always to the right. All other flags should be to the left.