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Flags and Marketing

Drawing Eyes to Your Brick and Mortar Store with Flags

If you have a brick and mortar store front, no matter your location, getting customers to see you as they drive and convincing them to stop and shop is a challenge. The truth is that if you've been in the same location in a while, short of overhauling your signage or hosting big sales and grand re-openings, it's tough to get your shop to stand out once it's become a "fixture" to daily drivers. You don’t want to spend all that money though, when you could do some small things to shake up the landscape and catch the eyes of potential customers.
For instance, have you seen an automotive dealership out there that isn’t flying a patriotic U.S. Flag? Some believe the bigger the flag the better because the organic and ever changing nature of a brightly colored American Flag flying in the wind consistently catches the eye. Flying other flags like your state flag or a country flag on various days will also "mix up" the visual pattern your flags create. Not only are you displaying your American pride, you are also drawing attention to your business and attracting customers who want to support local U.S. economy and patriotic business owners. Soon, a giant U.S. flag may be something uniquely associated with your business. If you are worried about U.S. flag wear and tear, you can buy flags that are specifically designed to stand up to any weather conditions.
If you aren't interested in flying a U.S. flag, you have many other options, including service specific message flags. There are many advertising flags available marketing everything from Antiques to Bagels and in between. You could even consider creating a custom flag with your branded color scheme and your service, whether it's "Massage", "Psychic Readings" or even simply "Books." By flying a clean, well made and colorful flag outside of your business, you are showing people not only what you sell or what you do, but also that you are open. Flags are particularly useful with restaurants and cafes because they offer locals and new visitors alike, the visual cue that you are open for business and welcoming as well!
Of course, if you are going to fly a flag, you do need to make sure you buy a proper flag pole or flag mounting kit for your chosen flag. If you are flying a U.S. flag you’ll also need to keep track of the news to know if and when you need to fly your flag high or at half mast and you should work hard to keep your flag, halyard and flagpole clean and in optimal condition. If your flag looks new and clean, people will know you raise it and lower it each day which is a sign of your care for your business and also that you are a healthy, open and thriving business.
Flags really are an easy way to draw visual attention to your store and to communicate with your existing and potential customers. You can customize color scheme, for holidays and with your personal or business style. You can be patriotic, advertise corporate brands, or even order custom flags to meet your needs. If you need to refresh your tired store front – try a fun flag or too and you’ll be surprised by the refreshed foot traffic that suddenly comes through your door.