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Seasonal Holiday Flags

When the holidays sneak up on us, decorating for festive occasions becomes a double edged sword. Decorating with happy holiday music in the background is so much fun, as is enjoying the fruits of holiday labor in a warm home with festive décor through the holidays, but the cleanup can be quite a headache. One of the easiest ways to decorate for the holidays is with simple holiday flags.


The best thing about a holiday flag is that you can choose according to your faith, you can change them up frequently and they are easy to store and take up almost no room. They are also relatively inexpensive so if you want to have a different one each year, you won’t go into debt for your holiday décor and you can choose a winter theme, a holiday theme or even a message flag depending on your taste.


A great example of simple exterior home or office décor would be a simple evergreen wreath decorated with a bow or other accoutrement and a festive Happy Holidays flag flying from your flag pole. Minimal work, minimal cleanup and maximum festivity! You can add holiday lights if you choose, or simply electric candles in each window and your home or office will look tasteful yet festive and you’ll know the great secret – that when cleanup time comes, it will take you only about five minutes to dismantle.


Of course, if you feel like going all out on your holiday décor, holiday flags can also act as the last part of your holiday motif. If you have gone all out with Santa Claus, find a jolly St. Nick flag to fly. Perhaps you prefer snowmen and snowflakes – we have holiday flags that can work with that theme as well! No matter which holiday décor suits your taste or budget, we’ll have a festive flag option for you.


Of course, if you don’t usually fly a flag, don’t forget to get proper hardware and a proper flag pole for your home. You can find flagpoles that extend from the front of your home, from the upper floors of your home and you can even find residential flagpoles to sink into the ground depending on how much money and time you want to invest. You’ll also need proper halyard to fly a flag outdoors.


Enjoy the holidays and show your spirit without creating more work for yourself in January!